南食堂 御膳 1.jpgHiwasa Area


【Ebisu-do spa, The white light house, Grill “Isaribi”

This hotel is located in the Quasi-national park of Muroto to Anan and you have spectacular views from the windows of the restaurant . You certainly enjoy very fine views of Ohama seashore, Ebisu cave, Hiwasa castle behind the Pacific Ocean. You have the happiest time seeing views with the best angles.




●Address: 455 Hiwasaura Minami-cho K aifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-1170
●Opening time: 11:00 ~14:00 17:00~20:00  You can give a last order until 19:00.
●Holidays: No holiday
●URL: http://shiroitodai.jp/


【People’s Hotel  “Seaturtle Inn”】


This is the restaurant in fron of Ohama beach, which is selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan. You must have meals prepared with local food.
*You can use wireless LAN in the dining.




●Address: 370-4 Hiwasa-ura Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0884-771166
●Opening time: 11;30~14:00 16:00~20:00
●16:00-20:00 (reservation required on weekdays) You are supposed to make reservations on weekdays.
●Holidays: No holiday
●URL: http://umigamesou.com



Everything : the name, the appearance and the service of this restaurant is unique.
If you want to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood, especially, raw seafood, it’s here. The special menu is kaizoku ryouri (raw fish), pirates’ food. A lot of foods are on one plate or some big plates. The set dish in a ship-shaped meal box is also good.The small size of Kaizoku Ryori is also delicious bcause you can grill shells such as big clams, turban shells, abalones from a fish tank of this restaurant at your table. Enjoy having feast in the atmosphere of the fishing boat in the mountain. 
Yakiyaki teisyoku is 1890 yen with one plate of raw fish.




●Address: 484-16 Honson Aza Kitagawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-0013
●Opening time  10:00~19:00
●Holidays: No Holiday



You can have both seafood, and vegetables and meat which are produced here.
You can eat a dish of sliced raw fish caught in Hiwasa, or deep fried chicken bred here and three vegetables grown here.
We cannot sometimes serve fish because of weather conditions.




●Address: 122 Teramae Aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokuahima-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-3528
●Opening time: 11:30~14:00 17:30~21:00 You can give last order until 10:30. 
●Holidays: Wednesday, the second Saturday



This is famous for deep-fried rice. The ingredients are pork cut into small pieces, garlic, and welsh onions with pig bone and chicken stock bone soup. Bland soup and Garlic tastes are blended and stimulate your appetite as a high-energy food.




●Address: 490-13 Teramae Aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokuahima-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-0448
●Opening time: 17:30~24:00 (You have to make reservations for lunch during daytime )
●Holidays: Holiday is not decided.
●URL: http://www.geocities.jp/welzaul/g01.html#g01


【Dining  Murakami】


The foods served here are mainly seafood. 
The dishes served here are all fresh, delicious and reasonable. The sauce is 
the secret of our dishes’ tastiness.




●Address: 68-1 Benzaiten Okugawachi  Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-0083
●Opening time: 11:00 ~14:00 17:00~21:00 
●Holidays: Tuesday


Mikumo Cafe

Tokushima satellite office of the cloud system development corporation in Osaka opens as a cafe only on weekends. Local madams would welcome you. Please feel free to come as going to your relative’s house.
Fishing town lunch  \1,500 (tax included)
Drink               \400 (tax included)
Please make a reservation as far in advance as possible.
It is available for banquets only on Saturday.




●Address: 210 Ebisuhama, Minami-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima
●Tel: +81(0) 884-77-0575 (Reservation requests are also accepted outside of business hours)
●Open: only on Saturdays and Sundays 

Yuki Area

明山荘 外観 縮小.jpg



Our specialty is seafood dinner and meal.




●Address: 82-9 Tai Minami-cho kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0884-78-1717 Fax: 0884-77-1261
●Open:Party is OK until 22:00.
●Holidays: Regular holiday is not decided.



An introduction of brochure, the Revised Version, “Minami-Awa Don”.

In this brochure, you will find a lot of information sbout Minami-Awa 
Don, which is devised in the south-east part of Shikoku. We call it 
“right bottom of Shikoku”.






Hiwasas a Area What to buy




This shop is famous for yokan with blue sea-weed flavor. Since yokan keeps well for a
long time, it is good for souvenirs and presents. What is more, different 
bun with a bean-jam filling are available for different seasons. Smaller 
Yokan is also available.




●Address: 91 Honson aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushimna-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-0158
●Open: 7:00-19:30 
●Holidays: New Year’s Days


Liquor Shop Shima-ya


“Hiwasa” is Shimaya’s original refined sake. Its taste as well as characters painted on the label is appealing. 




●Address: 106 Teramae Okugawchi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushimna-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-0027
●Opening time: 9:30~19:30
●Holidays: Wednesday




This shop is confectionery store. There are lots of confections and breads sold but we
will introduce a wagashi. Famous are Bean-jum-filled wafers shaped seaturtles.
There are two types of wafers: the ones with whole sweet beans and the ones with whole sweet beans with blue sea-weed. “Kame no tamago”, which is "turtle eggs", a Western confection is original ones and apricot jum wrapped up by marshmallow dough with wine flavor. You must eat the confection, the symbol of longevity, for example, at the celebration party. 




●Address: 93 Teramae Aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0120-74-1136
●Opening time 9:00~18:30
●Holidays: Regular Holiday is not decided. 


The Roadside:Hiwasa


The roadside station “Hiwasa” is one of the four roadside stations of Right down 
Shikoku. This roadside station is a sort of a complex of a souvenir shop and a market, where they sell foods brought directly from the production sites and information bureau of 
sightseeing and some food stands.Therefore, there are a lot of products sold but here we will introduce “sudachi drink”. Juice of sudachi grown in the south part of Tokushima is 
used in this drink and it is easy to drink. It is a good idea to mix this sudachi drink with
shochu / rough distilled spirit. This drink is sold at this store.   
We will also recommend soft ice cream, whose taste are cherry and sudachi. These are one of the most popular. There are three sizes: small, middle, and large so have it  as much as you like. A cashier makes soft ice cream that instant.




●Address: 493-6 Teramae Aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0120-74-2121
●Opening time 9:00~18:00
●Holidays: No holiday 
●URL: http://mitinoeki-hiwasa.com 




Some beautiful pictures, such as seaturtles and Yakuoji is sketched in handkerchief.
This handkerchief is an original one of ours.  




●Address: 93 Teramae Aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0120-74-1136
●Opening time 9:00~18:30
●Holidays: Regular Holiday is not decided. 


Cake Shop Syogo-do


“Sea turtle macaroon” represents the originality as a town where sea turtles come. The attraction of this sweet is not only the lovely appearance, but also the crispy texture and the flavor of coconuts which creates a tropical atmosphere. There is also “child turtle macaroon” with a variety of flavor such as strawberry. It can be bought in Roadside Station Hiwasa as well.




●Address: 164-2 Teramae, Okugawauchi, Minami-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima-
●Tel: +81(0) 884-77-0126
●Open: 8:30-19:00
●Closed: second and fourth Sundays
●URL: http://shogodo-hiwasa.com/


Bakery Hanabatake


We will introduce one of the popular confections here. This confection with Almond is made from Japanese butter, the albumen, slices of almond and dough. The baked dough is thin and when you have a bite, almond flavor spread in your mouth, you feel this confection crispy. Besides, bread, noodles, hijiki (sea-weed), tengusa (=vegetive gelatin), indigo dyeing products. 




●Address:  277 Teramae Aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
●Tel: 0884-77-7444
●Open: 10:00-17:00 
●Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, Holiday
●URL: http://www.bansou.or.jp/hanabatake_products.html


まめぼん 縮小 店内.jpgまめぼん 縮小 モンブラン.jpg

Mamebon Cafe


This is an originally old Japanese house. We serve cafe menu such as pasta, omrice, and curry rice. Only on weekdays, if you order ladies set, a cake and a drink are served as a set menu.
If you accompany your childen, you feel cozy.




●Address:  100 Teramae Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gunn Tokushima-ken  Postal code: 7792305
●Tel: 0884-70-1372
●Holidays: Every Tuesday
●URL: http://r.goope.jp/mameboncafe/cafe
Minami Cafe
みなみ食堂 デザート.jpg南食堂 御膳 1.jpg
You can enjoy meal sets, which are changed every month. You feel relaxed with well-prepared meal. 
Address: 79-1 Teramae Aza Okugawachi Minami-cho Kaifu-gun Tokushima-ken
Telephone number: 0884-70-1497
Holiday: every Thursday